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Education Services

Auburn Union School District’s Education Services Department is committed to:
  • Providing rigorous and relevant instruction through the use of priority standards, a variety of instructional strategies and modern technology
  • Providing safe and engaging learning environments 
  • Training Teachers and Administrators
  • Developing and implementing programs to support student outcomes
  • Improving systems and tools using a plan, do, study, act model to ensure continuous improvement
  • Enrolling and placing students 
  • Supporting students with exceptional needs
  • Supporting English Learners
  • Assessing and evaluating learning outcomes and programs to continuously improve instruction
  • The implementation of standards, assessments, curriculum, instruction, staff development, and support services to ensure each student meets or exceeds the rigorous state standards standards
AUSD's Education Services Team

AUSD's Education Services Team

Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Feedback

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