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Google Classroom is the official learning management system for AUSD. Students successfully navigate SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS learning environments when they maintain authentic connections with their teachers. Screencastify and Google Meet provides multiple entry points where students can hear, see, and talk with their teachers when they learning remotely.

Student Learning Platforms
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Google Classroom: Learning Platform
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Google Classroom is the learning management system AUSD uses with its students to set assignments, encourage collaboration, and support communication with students when teaching in class and at home.

G-Suite tutorials for students
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TEACHER LEARning platforms
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Google meet: connect with your students
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With Google Meet you can create video calls and invite your entire class, small intervention groups, or 1 to 1 meetings with students. Please conserve bandwidth and turn off your camera when possible.
Set up appointment slots in Google Calendar, and allow students to book time for individuals or small groups.
Show students how to enable subtitles on Google Meet.

Screencastify: record your screen
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Teachers make learning more personal in their blended and flipped classrooms by recording:
  • Full and/or bite-sized lessons
  • Assignment solutions and explanations
  • Verbal student feedback
Screencastify helps make student voices heard and thinking visible through activities like:
  • Speech and language practice
  • Comprehension and reflection exercises
  • Interactive slide presentations
Master the Screencast showcases the basics of Screencastify and popular ways to use video with students, colleagues, and parents.

G-Suite tutorials for teachers
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