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The 12 Tools
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Tools for Learning  ·  Tools for Life
Provided by Toolbox by Dovetail Learning
tape measureBreathing Tool
I calm myself and check in.
hand touching heartListening Tool
I listen with my ears, eyes, and heart. 
yarnPersonal Space Tool
I have a right to my space and so do you.
garbage canGarbage Can Tool
I let the little things go.
keysPlease & Thank You Tool
I treat others with kindness and appreciation.
wood toolPatience Tool
I am strong enough to wait.
Quiet / Safe Place Tool
I remember my quiet/safe place.
Empathy Toolruler
I care for myself. I care for others.
pencilUsing Our Words Tool
I use the "right" words, in the "right" way, at the "right" time, for the "right" reason.
watchTaking Time Tool
I take time-in and time-away.
glueApology & Forgiveness Tool
I admit my mistakes and work to forgive yours.
lightCourage Tool
I have the courage to do the "right" thing.