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AUSD Designated and Integrated ELD Expectations help clarify best practices, protocols, and resources that ensure access to high-quality instruction for English learners (ELs). These expectations are based on the most up-to-date research, professional development, and guidance documents available.
Program Objective
  • English learners will reclassify within five years of enrolling in the District.
  • English learners have improved by at least one level in English proficiency, each year, as measured on the Summative ELPAC assessment.
District Expectations:
  • Instruction
    • Designated and Integrated ELD instruction should include overlapping best practices
    • Tailored to push students to the next English language proficiency level
      • Students grouped by Emerging, Expanding or Bridging levels in Designated ELD
      • Strategic grouping and collaboration with native English speakers in Integrated ELD
  • Content
    • Language targets and lessons must be aligned to ELD standards
      • Consider pacing and track progress with standards checklist or planning templates
      • Address language skills needed to access content (ELA, math, science, H-SS, etc.)
        • Reinforce content vocabulary and academic language
        • Consider language needed for upcoming units, topics, or assignments
    • Prompts and scaffolds designed to build oral and written English skills
    • ELD lessons or units should build to a culminating speaking or writing product
The language and resources from this page come courtesy from our colleagues at Sanger Unified School District. July 2020