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This is the time of year to truly reflect on the past and set our sights on a bright future.  As I reflect on these past two years, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given in the Auburn Union School District.  It has been a time of learning and growing, but also a time to share and influence in a positive way.  Each day presents a fresh and new opportunity to make a positive difference, just as AUSD has done in my life.  I look forward to continuing to work together to support our students to the best of our abilities, in creative and resourceful ways.  The key to moving forward together is to face each day with a positive outlook, looking for solutions to challenges, and celebrating our achievements.   

Remember to take time to pause, look around, and enjoy the beauty of where we live.    We are surrounded by the beauty of the foothills with the changing of the colors of the leaves.  The chill in the air is refreshing and invigorating.  Join me in reflecting on the many things for which we are thankful!

 It is hard to believe we are already through the first trimester and parent conferences are coming to a close.  Parent conferences are a great time to connect with our AUSD families to bring home and school together to support our students.  This time of year is abundant with enjoyable family and community events.  Many schools hosted Harvest Festivals that are always popular. This season will also bring an International Day at one site as well as Winter Concerts at many others.  It is exciting to see the students perform and participate in these memorable events. 

Over the next couple of months there will be some time off to enjoy the holiday season.  We will be observing Thanksgiving from November 20-24.  School resumes on Monday, November 27.  Winter Break will be observed December 18 through January 2.  Students return January 3.  I send warm wishes for a holiday season filled with joy and happiness!

This brings me to some thoughts on happiness that I shared a couple of years ago from a book by Michael Josephson, The Best is Yet to Come.  “Abraham Lincoln stated, ‘A person is generally about as happy as he’s willing to be.’  As evidenced by this quote, he understood that happiness is a way of looking at your life.  It is about choosing good feelings over bad, positive attitudes over negative ones, and gratitude over greed.  Happiness is not getting what we want; it’s learning to want what we get.”  I truly believe in the power of these words.  Circumstances and reactions look very different to people based on their attitude.  Choosing a positive outlook can make each day better.  As we move into the new year, we know there are many things that are beyond our control.  What we can control is our attitude and outlook on life events, no matter how big or small.  I challenge each of us to look at each “event” in a positive light and find the joy in each opportunity.

This time of year also reminds me of a stanza from a popular holiday song, “Peace on the earth, goodwill to men…”  As we move into 2018, this is my ongoing wish for all of you and our community.  Each of us can play a part in bringing peace to our schools and our community.  I believe it goes back to my previous thoughts on happiness.  It is the responsibility of each of us to foster peace and to approach our interactions with each other with goodwill and positive intent. 

So, as we enjoy our time off, I do hope each of you have a very special holiday season.  This is a time to laugh, to love, to smile, and to make many more special memories.  Remember, “You can be as happy as you are willing to be.”  My wish for you all for this holiday season is a time of joy and smiles.


“May we all smile upon each other and know we are loved.”  (L. Jampolsky)

I look forward to what 2018 brings for our school community!  

-- Wendy Frederickson